Guess Which Line!

We hope you like creative puzzles! Each project by our designers highlights a Prima collection. Can you guess which line is featured in their creations below?

guess which line sharon june.jpg

“Hi to you Prima lovers! I love it when we are playing together! I am so curios to know whether you will be able to guess which Prima line I have used here for my altered frame. I will give you a clue - its the most soft, romantic beautiful collection ever! OK, OK, I guess you can say that about many of the Prima's collection lol.... waiting to hear your thoughts!” Sharon Ziv 

guess which shaorn june2.jpg
guess sharon 3.jpg
guess sharon 4.jpg


“What line? I’ve been using this collection in different projects, but haven’t done a card using it yet. So, for this feature, I decided to fill the gap! I mixed different papers from the collection to get a fresh, spring-like feel to the card. The main element in the card may throw you off the scent, but if you look closely, there’s a couple of telltale details that should give the secret away. Can you guess which paper collection I used?” ~ Riikka



”Hello, Everyone! I think that this line makes a "WOW" effect on everyone who first sees it. I like it for it’s magical and vibrant colors. I made a canvas using this secret line + some Re-design moulds, Finnabair paints, and waxes. Can you guess which line is featured?”~ Nadya Drozdova


How Many Can You Name?

Let us know in the comments if you can figure out any of the three collections featured above!!

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