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I have a tradition. Slowly, but surely, I’ve been bringing a self-made gift to each member or player in a band called Turisas. Whenever I go to their gig, I always take one piece with me, especially done for someone playing in the band. This tradition has spun over years.
— Riikka Kovasin
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“I’m not sure what the members of the band think about the gifts. At least they seem enthusiastic. But, to me, it doesn’t play a role if they throw the pieces away. It’s about the act of gift giving – giving something back to them as they are amazing and even better when they perform live – but, also about the process. Trying to think what to do, how to link it to a person you don’t actually know, and to make it special for them. “

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“For that purpose, I usually rely on the instrument they are playing. I’ve done an altered violin for the violinist. An altered cymbal with drumsticks for the drummer. And now this – a piece built on top of four piano keys. Yes, you got that right, it’s for the keyboard player. I’ve have had the keys for some time now and was first of turning them into something else, but when I started working on the piece, it took its own turn and wanted to become a long composition with rust and flowers. If you want to see how I created the piece, please see the video! “

“As you can see from the video, I started by creating some texture to the background using Art Stones and Rust Pastes. They created a lovely earthy feel for the base from which the flowers could grow. “


“I changed the composition along the way as it needed more bulk. I also wanted to add certain elements to it – some plug-ins, a violin string, a Swedish coin, soda can pulls… I’d like to think that when he later checks the piece out, he can find new little things from it. “


“Is there a special band for you or a special piece of music? Have you made gifts for the members of that band or inspired by that piece of music? If not yet, take a go! I find music really inspiring, whether it’s just instrumental, or with lyrics.

Thank you for stopping by today! “


primamay1-1 riikka .jpg

How crazy cool is this altered instrument? Riikka’s creativity is unbelievably endless! I consider her a true mixed-media artist and am always inspired by her use of Prima products!

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