Exploring Watercolors!

Unleash your creativity with Art Philosophy’s Watercolor Confections! Each sweet tin contains twelve pigment-packed, gorgeous half-pans, just bursting with color!

( painting by Aquarellelia)


Open up your Watercolor Confections box and inside are twelve beautiful half-pans, each ready to be unwrapped, just like real confection candy!

wc 584252_10.jpg

The details: Watercolor Confections are artist-grade, high quality, and highly-pigmented watercolor pans. Watercolor Confections are sized perfectly for artists on the go. These professional-grade paints provide bright, intense, smooth, and long-lasting colors that will work beautifully for any art or mixed-media project.

Unwrap, rearrange any way you like in the tin, then start to PAINT!

wc tropicals.jpeg

Lightfastness Charts

What about the light-fastness for each set? We are glad you asked! Below please find charts for each palette and the colors included, numbered, named, and rated!

chart_tropicals 800.jpg

Available in a variety of palettes:


The Classics


Decadent Pies

Pastel Dreams

Shimmering Lights




Vintage Pastels

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