Art Daily March Inspiration

The garden of love is green without limit and yields many fruits other than sorrow or joy. Love is beyond either condition: without spring, without autumn, it is always fresh.
— Rumi
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“March is the month of things coming to life. Days are visibly longer. Plants are starting to grow. Birds are singing with joy. After a grey, and not-so-fabulous cold time, we enter the new. It is as if we woke up from the winter slumber. We notice more. We have more energy. Usually we start to tidy up our surroundings. We want everything to be more beautiful and brighter. So our theme for March is "Fresh Look" and the colour is "emerald". I would like you to be inspired by anything that goes with the idea of discovering and re-discovering the ordinary, stopping and admiring the everyday, finding new values in the people, places, objects... a new approach to the usual.” ~ Art Daily Cafe

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“Hi again, my dear ones. Have you seen our new mood board? It is all about vibrating greens  - and I hope it will get you inspired! We came up with this colour as March is the time of the nature waking up after the long sleep - we notice more and we discover again the wonders of life. We enter the new, we start to tidy up our surroundings... It's the perfect time to stop and admire the everyday, find new values or beauty in the people, places, objects... it is time of the new beginnings and valuing of what we've got.” ~ Finnabair

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“You may think I my interpretation of this topic is very down-to-earth, but for me  it was a perfect moment to find an excuse to go back to my roots - playing with recycling and upcycling ideas. I've got quite large stash of found stuff at home, but torn between my everyday tasks, projects I need to do or get involved into I rarely have time to make something just for my own pleasure, without thinking how can I use this project later! So it all started when I took out one of my boxes and then my hands found something which most of people would simply toss away - and I noticed the similarity of it to inside of the shells or other beautiful ocean findings... then it all simply took off!”

b e f o r e & a f t e r

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"I almost always show positive art-journal pages, filled with good energy and good vibes. But life is not always positive, so my today art-journal spread is a bitter-sweet one. Recently I am a bit disappointed with people - more than usually. On the opposite my paths crossed the paths of amazing people, so kind, so supporting! They are real gems - like emeralds. And my art journal is an expression of this. For me March seems to be a month of gaining new perspectives, new views, new opinions on things/people that have been present in my life for quite a long time. And this is my art-journal is all about." ~ Tusia Lech

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“Here is my Art Journal made in live yesterday!!! I took advantage of the inspiration of "fresh look" of inspiration from the group Art Daily Cafe. I thank everyone who participated!! And I hope you get inspired!” ~ Luciana

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i n s p i r a t i o n a l l i n k s

c o m e m a k e a r t

How gorgeous is this month’s Art Daily inspiration board? I find the greens relaxing, yet fresh; moody, yet innocent! Please play along with us, using any Finnabair products and enter on the Art Daily Cafe page!

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