March's Art Recipe

We’re sneaking our March Art Recipe in with a FUN new twist! Let’s have Finnabair, herself, introduce it and give you the details!


“Hello, Friends!


“Today we have for you a kind of surprise :) We know, that you have loved our Art Recipe series published originally on Prima Marketing blog. You have always found it inspiring and interesting. So we thought, that you might be happy if we turn our monthly inspiration into regular monthly challenge available on our blog :) And today we have the very first Art Recipe challenge! Isn't it exciting?! Yay!!!” ~ Finnabair


The rules are very simple. Each challenge consists of colour palette and products. You need to stick to the colour pallete and use all products listed in a challenge.


vintage shades of gold, rusty brown, with pinks, and greens


  • Art Basics: Clear Gesso

  • Art Alchemy - Metallique Waxes

  • Art Ingredients - Mini Art Stones

  • Art Extravagance - Icing Paste 



“Hello, dear friends! I am incredibly glad to take part in this art recipe. And discover a new adventure for you! I made a canvas with dried flowers. Have you wondered where and how to apply Clear Gesso? I decided to try to cover them with dry flowers. And my experiment was a success!” ~ Juliya Tirskaya


In the background I added Icing paste through a stencil. A sprinkled also some mini Art Stones, but then they disappeared in the shimmer of glitter)) And in the end I added a bit of wax. Mmm, how I love these final touches!


Prima Products:

juliya products.png

Art Basics - Gesso - Clear 961466,   , Art Daily - Words You Need 964948,    , Art Extravagance - Icing Paste - White Gold  966171 , Art Extravagance - Paper Paste 965259,    Art Ingredients - Mica Powder - Pink 962456, Art Ingredients - Mini Art Stones 963712, Art Ingredients - Glitter Set - Mardi Gras 961572, Art Alchemy - Liquid Acrylic - Avocado Green 967321, Art Alchemy - Liquid Acrylic - Burnt Sienna 967222, Art Alchemy - Impasto Paint - Dark Chocolate 964658, Mechanicals - Tassel 961114, Mechanicals Mini Roman Numerals 960230, Mechanicals - Tin Hearts 963361, Mechanicals - Gear 961053 , Clear Stamp - Gothic Book 966966


“I'm so happy and excited that Art Recipes are turning into challenges! When I was not yet part of this amazing Creative team I used to do "oooh's" and "aaaah's" each time I saw new Art Recipes published. I often went to the older Art Recipes for the inspiration. I love to take part in monthly Art Recipes and I'm sure this challenges will inspire you all so much! Can't wait to see your beautiful creations! “ ~ Aleksandra

Aleksandra-Mihelic- March2019-ArtRecipeChallenge-1.jpg

This month we are playing with clear gesso, mini art stones, metallique waxes and icing pastes and we are creating in Vintage style and color scheme. So I decided to go all vintage.

Aleksandra-Mihelic- March2019-ArtRecipeChallenge-3.jpg
Aleksandra-Mihelic- March2019-ArtRecipeChallenge-8.jpg
Aleksandra-Mihelic- March2019-ArtRecipeChallenge-6.jpg
Aleksandra-Mihelic- March2019-ArtRecipeChallenge-7.jpg

Prima Products:

aleksandras products.png

Prima - Art Basics - Gesso - Clear 961466, Prima - Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - White 961442 , Prima - Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - Black 961459 , Prima - Art Basics - Soft Matte Gel 961428, Prima - Finnabair Tissue paper - Flutter  967185, Prima - Art Extravagance - Icing Paste - Rose Gold 966188, Prima - Art Extravagance - Texture Fantasy - Anemone and Coral 966041, Prima - Art Alchemy - Metallique Wax - White Gold 964016, Prima - Art Alchemy - Metallique Wax - Vintage Gold 963958, Prima - Art Alchemy - Metallique Wax - Firebird 966720, Prima - Finnabair - Mechanicals - Rusty Labels 967710, Prima - Finnabair - Mechanicals - Woodland Ferns 967154, Prima - Finnabair - Mechanicals - Machine Parts 967109, Prima - Finnabair - Mechanicals - Scrapyard Butterflies 967147, Prima - Finnabair - Mechanicals - Antique Labels 967086, Prima - Finnabair - Mechanicals - Tin Hearts 963361 , Prima - Mechanicals - Vintage clock Face small 960278


“I have made a memory board with an old almanac, a brush and a book spine! There are always some items that you want to keep, and here with details in gold and rusty effects.” ~ Katja


Prima Products:

katja products.png

Art Alchemy - Liquid Acrylic Paint - Burnt Sienna 967222, Art Alchemy - Liquid Acrylic Avocado Green 967321, Finnabair Mechanicals - Scrapyard Butterflies 967147, Finnabair Mechanicals - Set Rusty Knobs 967130, Finnabair Mechanicals - Machine Parts 967109, Finnabair Mechanicals - Set Hardware Accents 967093, Finnabair - Tissue Paper Moda 967192, Prima - Clear Stamp - Gothic Book 966966, Prima - Cling Stamps - Beautiful Story 967017, Prima - Cling Stamps - Dare To Dream 967024, Prima - Art Daily - Rusty Clips 964825, Prima - Art Extravagance - Icing Paste - White Gold 966171, Prima - Finnabair Stencil - Swirly Florals 966683, Prima - Art Basics - Gesso - Clear 961466, Prima - Art Alchemy - Metallique Wax - White Gold 964016, Prima - Art Alchemy - Metallique Wax - Rich Copper 963989, Prima - Art Alchemy - Impasto Paint - Dusty Rose 966386, Prima - Art Daily - Nostalgia 964818,Prima - Art Ingredients - Mini Art Stones 963712, Prima - Art Extravagance - Rust Effect Paste Big Jar - Red Rust 964689, Prima - Art Ingredients - Melange - Art Pebbles 963323

finn blog.png

Now how fun is this new challenge? There’s more: The challenge is open till April 19th. AND the winner will  be invited to be Guest Designer on Finnabair’s Art Recipe blog!!!

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