Mixed-Media Dreamer


What is it?

mixed me·di·a

/mikst ˈmēdēə/


The use of a variety of media in an entertainment or work of art.

Mixed-Media can be really intimidating until you realize it is simply the process of adding two or more materials together on a project! If you have been dreaming of trying your hand at this mixed-media game then start with Finnabair’s mixed-media product line. Her products will make the process easier, and more successful, as they are created to work and layer together.

How do I start?


Start with any two Finnabair products!

  1. Gesso (primer) and Metallique Paints (color)


2. Gel medium (primer) and Liquid Acrylics (color)


One is a base (priming the base for addition of color) and the other adds color that adheres to the surface because you primed it. Many of Finnabair’s products serve multiple purposes.

Ex: Gel Medium can be used to prime a surface for color; it can be used as an adhesive for heavier items; and it can also be used to seal a layer.

Ex: Gesso can be added to a slick surface giving a bit of tooth, so you can then layer on top of it; it can also be used as a sealer so additional items do not soak into the main substrate; and it can be used as a paint (color).


What’s next?

Of course you can add even more layers: tissue paper, stamping, pastes over stencils, Art Stones, Glitter, etc. Mixed-media can be as simple, or as complicated as you like. Start simple, then, when you gain confidence, add a third step or product in!

Nathalie’s process on her project includes multiple layering levels to achieve gorgeous texture, but uses the same principle outlines above.

  1. She started with a cardstock base,

  2. added texture with pastes + stencils,

  3. covered it all with black gesso,

  4. added moulded embellishments,

  5. then added color with waxes!

  6. A touch of white gesso was added at the end to bring a new definition to the details.


“The new Finnabair’s products are totally amazing !!! I totally creating this project background using the new waxes. My background is a piece of cardstock, I added some texture using two different Finnabair stencils : 6x9 Stencil Manuscript and 6x9 Stencil Passiflora used with Art Extravagance- Texture Paste - Graphite (8.5 oz.) and Art Basic Heavy Sandable Paste (250 ml) . I painted all with black gesso. I added a lot of beautiful embellishments created with the new moulds 5"x8" Mould Start And Moons and 5"x8" Mould Mechanica . Then, I played with the new waxes and the different shades of blue. I am totally in love with the Finnabair Metallique Wax - Peacock, so GORGEOUS  !!!!!! “ ~ Nathalie


“I highlighted my projects with some white gesso and a touch of Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax-Old Silver for a perfect finish. Of course, I also added beautiful Prima flowers ! “ ~ Nathalie


We have so many resources for you if you are interested in trying more mixed-media projects! Bookmark our blog for the best instructions on how to create MM projects! Also, check out our Youtube channel where we post at least one or two videos per week, our Instagram has loads of inspiring projects, while Facebook also includes new inspiration daily!

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