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Art Daily

Art Daily is a creative, daily journey that will take you outside your box (a little) and help you use art as a way to explore, to relax, to play. There are no rules or restrictions. Each month Finnabair will post a new challenge with prompts, a theme, and suggested colors. Then you just play! You can even join in online in the Art Daily Cafe linked below. To get you started we have amazing projects today inspired by the February Challenge!

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february challenge

“Is daydreaming, forgetting about here and now for a moment, your thing? Do you remember to let yourself drift away and wander on the fields of your memories and hopes?

Or maybe you are more of a nocturnal creature, surrounded by night dreams, inspired by the light of the moon, looking for answers in the stars?

Maybe you are more practical, with both feet on the ground, and you prefer to plan instead of dream? I hope February will be inspirational for you no matter which way you pick! Let's explore the realm of dreams together!” ~ Finnabair



“I had a thought it is just perfect time to finally decorate my Art Daily Journal cover - as this project is, in fact, all about dreams - at least for me!” ~ Finnabair

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“I've picked colours and elements which are expressing the mystery and uncertainty of realm of dreams - deep blues and purples are the colours of the night, but also wisdom and inner connection with our own spirit. The moon, window opening into our dreamland, wings and stars - these all are images connected with dreaming, forgetting about reality, sleep and destiny... perfect mix, I think!”

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“I've never had an art book only dedicated to my dreams - but I'm so tempted to have one, as I usually remember bits and pieces of my night dreams and some of them would be great start for a project - a journal page, collage or short story!
I'm planning to keep all my night dreams on record putting them in few short words - or an image maybe? I was thinking I can put them into my "Monthly" booklet... yes, the "inchie" madness may continue! Happy dreaming my friends!”

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“This month our topic is Day Dreaming and Night Dreaming, and one of my favorite colors - indigo. What I want to tell you about this theme? Have dreams!” ~ Kasia

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“A life without dreams would be sad for me, always somewhere in front of me, I have goals to which I aspire. Because dreams must be fulfilled. Don't wait for them to become your reality: you have to help them."


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Olga, Svetlana, and Tusia have all created projects using February’s Art Board for inspiration! See these and more in the Art Daily Cafe! We’re serving up fresh creativity every day!

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I just love the prompts in the Art Daily Facebook group!

“The Monday Card is here and this week is sponsored by card#26 :) Playing with patterns is a part of our creative development. Have you drawn any patterns when you were a child? Most of people do it even in their adulthood when they are listening to something and have pen/pencil and a blank card in front of them :) Creative part of ourselves needs to be expressed :)
So are you up for such creative exercise? “

We hope you join in and get artsy with us! Be passionately curious and own your story with Art Daily by Finnabair!

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