Step Up Your Gift Giving

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They say it is ALL in the presentation, and sometimes, we have to agree with that! We all loving receiving beautifully wrapped gifts, right? Well, today Riikka is going to share a few tricks she uses for making plain Jane wrapping look exquisitely boutique…with just a few Prima products!

The ringer: these techniques can also be used on cards and tags as well, so they are quite versatile!

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“February to me is all about remembering loved ones and giving little gifts. I usually give out cards for Valentine’s Day, but I thought a gift wrapping of some sort would be nice to play with for the rest of the month. These techniques can be used for cards or tags too. After all, a unique gift is always a good thing!” ~ Riikka

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So, I altered (or decorated) a brown paper bag using different mediums and embellishments. I used acrylic paint as my base layer, as the paints are among the driest mediums I could add. I first thought about adding watercolor on top of the acrylic, as the acrylic paint blocks the moisture from soaking into the paper, but decided against that idea. With projects like these, the less the moisture, the better! After adding that lovely layer of Icing Paste, there was no need for extra color, either!

I chose to go with a pink color scheme as it fits to the February/Valentine’s Day themes and also adds softness and sweetness to the paper bag. If you are more into art journaling or cards, you can use the same steps to make a page or a card.

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video tutorial

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Riikka is always so thoughtful with her projects. Details are ironed out carefully so we can learn from her mistakes and get wonderful results each time! If you try any of her tips please let us know and share your creations with us!

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