Presenting: Metal Frames, Tissue Paper, and More!

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We are kicking it off with a few NEW FINNABAIR products! Look for new rustic Mechanicals, Liquid Acrylics, lovely Tissue Paper, Metal Alterable Frames in new shapes, beautiful new Stamp Sets, and ahhhhmazing new Mica Powder colors! Be brave and express yourself creatively with Finnabair’s new mixed-media products!

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Alterable Metal Shapes- Teapot


Not one, not two, but THREE new alterable metal shapes are here for YOUR creative enjoyment! First up is this gorgeous teapot! See the finished example created by the talented Finnabair herself with moulded pieces, waxes, and new LIQUID ACRYLICS! (More on those below!)


Rusty Metal Birdhouse


Aleksandra’s altered metal birdhouse is simply DIVINE!!! Rust Paste, Waxes, and Mica Powder all work together to achieve those rich colors and amazing texture!


finn metal nirdhouse mallika.jpg

"I have always ALWAYS wanted to alter a birdhouse. I am not sure why, but birdhouses remind me of the tree house and I had always wanted one as a kid. This Finnabair birdhouse metal piece is an absolute stunner and can go along with any of our collections. I have used the Spring Farmhouse line specifically to alter this metal. I hope you all will like my take on this project. ~Mallika"

mallika birdhouse 3.jpg

Metal Alarm Clock


Our third metal shape is so adorable! Dorota altered one with Finn’s new products to give you an idea of how much beauty you can pack into a home decor piece! The pastes, waxes, and mica powder layer over the metal beautifully…and her choice of color palette is just breath-taking!


liquid acrylics

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Introducing LIQUID ACRYLICS! These vibrant liquid paints open up a whole new rainbow of possibilities for crafting, mixed-media, painting, and more! Available in fourteen luscious colors, use straight or mix with Liquid Color Fluid Medium for longer wet times and more techniques.

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Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic Paint

Art Alchemy Liquid Colors are high-quality, liquid acrylic paints with
amazing, vibrant and rich color, and a glossy, semi-translucent finish.
They are water-soluble when wet, and permanent when dry. Liquid Colour
Acrylic Paints are perfect for traditional painting techniques and a
variety of popular mixed-media techniques such as stamping,
gelli-printing, creating drips, and splatters, and much more. For even
more inspiring results use it in combination with Art Alchemy Liquid
Color Fluid Medium which will add more transparency and to your
colors.  Fluid consistency of Liquid Color Acrylic Paints makes them
an ideal medium for collage, art journaling, and mixed-media painting -
they can be applied with brushes and work well with fine tip bottles
or, if diluted with water, they can be sprayed and will dry with
permanent finish.

Art Alchemy – Liquid Acrylic - Fluid Medium

Liquid, transparent acrylic medium designed to add more flow and
transparency to acrylic paints from the Art Alchemy Liquid Color Line, while
giving great results with other paints from Finnabair range:
Metallique, Sparks, Opal Magic, and Impasto, extending the working time
and making them more liquid. For best results mix the medium with your
selected paint on the palette and enjoy the lighter consistency, or in
a fine-tip bottle to create more defined effects: drops, splatters,
lines, and drips.

Tissue Paper

Presenting collage tissue paper designs with a vintage twist, as only Finnabair can do! Five new designs, available in horizontal and vertical styles.

Dream Without Fear is a stunning sample showing off Finnabair’s new tissue papers and washi tapes! Dorota mixed in a few metal pieces, art stones, waxes, and all of those Finnabair must-have products! Again, Dorota’s color palette is pure perfection!


Washi Tape


Look for three jumbo-sized rolls of art tape in washi form from Finnabair! Art Journaling, collaging (if it is not a word it should be!), and layering will be so easy to achieve in Finn’s signature vintage style.

Cling Stamp Sets

finn stamps jaya canvas.jpg

Hello, Gorgeous! Finn created new cling stamp sets and clear stamps to please every stamper out there, as shown on this beauty of a project by Jaya! Look for four gorgeous, vintage-inspired cling sets and six clear stamps coming soon!


“I made this canvas featuring the new cling stamp sets, Wild & Free and Dare To Dream, by Finn and stone effect paste. Hope you like it!” ~ Jaya

"In the midst of finding a canvas for my 6-year-old nephew to paint, I saw this vertical canvas. Its unusual size attracted me the most and I decided to alter it using one of a kind Finnabair tissues and stamps.  I have added many mediums, like pastes and glass glitter and used beautiful flowers from our new lines.~Mallika"

mallika tissue stamps 6.jpg

Mica Powders


Olya shows off one of our new MICA SETS with gorgeous colors, coordinated to match the new wax colors! Look for three new MICA SETS available in just a week or so!


Look at how beautiful the micas and waxes layer perfectly to create extra color, dimension, and design on your projects!


finn mica mallika.jpg

Mallika also used the new MICA sets to create her stunning canvas! You can apply MICA in so many ways. Watch this short video to see how Mallika colored her background in various ways!

mallika mica sm.jpg



Finn’s line would not be complete without a little metal thrown in there! Look for EIGHT gorgeous new sets, with various finishes, to complete your mixed-media journey!


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What are you most excited about? For me I would love to try the new Liquid Acrylics, and the Unicorn Paste, and the new waxes, and…. Like someone said on our Facebook Live show yesterday, “Just take all my money!” Finn’s new release is just that amazing! Each product was carefully planned and tested and tweaked and now…here they are!

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