A Sticky Situation!

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Stick & Style Stencil Rolls

“What are they and why do I need them?”

We are so glad you asked! Unlike traditional stencils our new Stick & Style Stencil Rolls are usable on so many surfaces you just could not apply a stencil to before:

  • curved surfaces

  • rounded surfaces

  • around corners

  • on inside corners

  • on fabric

  • on clothing

  • on glass

  • on metal

  • on plastic

  • on wood

  • on paper

  • cut to fit odd shapes

  • and so many more ideas!


No Drips or Leakage!

When using a Stick & Style stencil your paint will not drip behind the design as the adhesion is wonderful. Positioning is fool-proof as you can adjust the stencil for a perfect fit. After adding paint or wax over the stencil, just lift it up, wipe it off, and reuse again! Yes, Stick & Style Stencil Rolls are reusable! The stickiness will last for multiple uses.

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Available in six luscious patterns, Stick & Style designs are four inches wide and contain 15 yards of reusable, headache-free stencil!


Use With:

  • redesign with Prima Chalk Pastes

  • redesign with Prima waxes

  • Finnabair Wax Pastes

  • Watercolor Confections

  • Color Bloom Sprays

  • Water-Soluble Oil Pastels

  • Liquid Watercolors

  • Art Philosophy Liquid Refills

  • Color Philosophy Dye Inks

  • Finnabair Texture Pastes

  • Finnabair Icing Pastes

  • Finnabair Impasto Paints



  1. Spray over the stencil, or use a waterbrush, for lovely “feathered” results.

  2. Sponge or brush waxes and ink products over the Stick & Style stencil to create beautiful tones and blended results with crisp edges and a softer appearance. (shown above on altered jar samples by Cari Fennell.)

  3. Use a redesign Spread Pal or palette knife to create dimension over the stencil roll with thicker paints or pastes for beautiful crisp edges and raised designs! (Shown above on coaster samples by Cari Fennell.)


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We love How Marta paired the gold accented glass vase with a gilded tray using just a few of our redesign products! "I decorated a glass vase using Stick & Style stencil rolls and redesign eternal wax. I added a pattern with adhesive transfers and Stardust foil on a wooden tray. I think they compliment each other very well!" ~ Marta

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stick n style glass cu marta.jpg
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Stick & Style Stencil Rolls - bottles  by Anita Bownds (1)-1.jpg

We love how Anita repurposed a bottle she was going to toss...adding Stick & Style to it’s rounded body to create design. There’s less to throw in her recycling bin and she created a beautiful piece for her home, so it's a win-win all around!

Stick & Style Stencil Rolls - bottles  by Anita Bownds (2)-1.jpg

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We love how Nathalie cut her Stick & Style roll to fit the size she wanted. “These new Stencils Roll are totally amazing !!! The details are so perfect, they create the most clean, precise, delicate design ever, so gorgeous !! Here a used Redesign Stick & Style Stencil Roll - Cornelle Garden with the Redesign Chalk Paste - Roycroft Rose and Redesign Chalk Paste - Cement . “ ~ Nathalie

We can cut them, use them anywhere you need, and in any shapes you want !  I painted this trey using white paint and chalk pastes. I added a part of the gorgeous Redesign Decor Transfer - Overflowing Love .  


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“I never use a stencil properly! It always gets seepage behind the design, especially on smaller projects! The Stick & Style stencil roll is ingenious with all of it’s wonderful properties making crafting EASIER for me, and giving me wonderful results!” ~ Sharon

For this tag I blended different redesign with Prima waxes over watercolor paper, creating an ombre effect down my tax. The waxes are shimmery, so the tag sparkles in the light!

stick & style tag sharon 2sm.jpg


redesign with Prima Stick & Style Stencil Roll- Calypso Lattice, redesign with Prima waxes: Meteor Showers, Diamond Dust, Shiny Star, Eternal, Poetic Rose Collection, Prima watercolor paper

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“I think that stencil rolls are a fantastic product. They are very practical, they are easy to put on a pattern, you can do it on different shapes. For me, this is the perfect product. I used here different colors of chalk paste, and new mold to create a beautiful charger plate.” ~ Marta

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stick n style marta cu.jpg


We hope you join in and try our new Stick & Style Stencil Rolls! What would YOU use them on???

You can always find more inspiration right here for redesign products: https://www.redesignwithprima.com/blog/

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