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What do you get when you mix Mechanicals + Waxes + Gesso? We know it is going to be something amazingly textured and stunningly beautiful! This month's Art Recipe by Finnabair includes three very special products from her lines. Come see what her design team created with them AND see a sneak peek of her Facebook Live project for today!

t a n y a l e e


Today I am sharing with you an art journal page showcasing how simple and effective gesso, waxes, and mechanicals are to use in your art journal. ~ Tanyalee


My art journal is a sacred place, and this particular, hand-made journal features spreads all based on stories from my life. It is filled with vintage papers so I decided to use some of Finnabair's Gesso, Wax and Mechanicals to tell a story about families.

I started by putting down some Black Gesso in a rough way with a dry brush to create some texture. I followed that with Opal Magic Wax called Royal Robes. It turned a gorgeous Metallique pink on the Black Gesso and created a kind of galaxy feel on the background. I also used some Old Silver Wax to enhance that feeling.


Next I placed some alterable flowers, Mechanicals, and a fussy-cut vintage photograph, then glued them down with 3D gel.


To finish off the spread I rubbed some more wax over the Mechanicals to blend them into the background, and I added some sentiment stickers for my journaling. The spread took about half an hour to complete and is true to my minimalist art journaling style.


Product List:

  • 655350963453 - Mechanical Metal Gears ,
  • 655350963408  - Mechanical Grungy Butterflies ,
  • 655350964252 - Art Alchemy-Opal Magic Wax-Royal Robes ,
  • 655350963996 - Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax-Old Silver ,
  • 655350962968 - HEAVY GESSO - BLACK,
  • 655350961398 - Art Basics - 3D Matte Gel (8 fl. oz.)

m a r t a


Hello, Friends!
For this month's Prima Art Recipe I created a box which is full of magical shine and dimension. It was a box that came with a memory stick and I decided to alter it to create something beautiful and useful!

art recipe aug 18 marta.jpg

The first step was covering the box with Clear Gesso. When it dried, I attached some paper and guipure elements with hot glue gun. I used paper leaves and some die cuts to create a background for my composition. Later on I added some paper flowers and art stones in the end. In the center I placed a "Bottle Cas" element and a Metal Tin Heart. ~ Marta

When I created my composition, I covered it with black gesso using a brush. I wanted to make sure that I will cover every little stone or a flower with a layer of black gesso. Later on, when gesso dried, I covered  some elements of my composition with three mixed waxes. I applied them with a brush to make sure they will create a beautiful, shiny layer.


In the end I highlighted some places with a white ink gel pen - it added extra dimension to my composition.


I hope you like my creation and that you will try to create something beautiful using a bit of gesso and amazing Finnabair waxes!


Prima Products:

  • 961381  - Art Basics - 3D Gloss Gel (8 fl. oz.)
  • 961466  - Art Basics - Clear Gesso (8.5 fl. oz.)
  • 961459  - Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - Black (8.5 fl. oz.)
  • 963873  - Art Basics: Double-Sided Texture Brushes Set 1 - 3 pcs
  • 963897  - Art Basics: Mixed Media Silicone Brush 1"
  • 963705  - Art Ingredients: Art Stones
  • 964269 - Art Alchemy-Opal Magic Wax-Blue Velvet
  • 964016 - Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax-White Gold
  • 964276 - Art Alchemy-Opal Magic Wax-Turquoise Satin
  • 961091  - Bottle Caps
  • 963361 - Mechanicals: Tin Hearts 10pc.

j u l i y a

Today I am sharing with you a mixed-media canvas. I used Impasto Paint in Aubergine to make a background, like an old wall in one of the rooms of an ancient mansion.

Heavy Gesso Black was used to cover the decor and the whole canvas. Next I added Impasto Paint on top with Wax on the embellishments. 

I also added a little Mica Powder, for a mystical blue shine.

I wanted to use our recipe in a very simple and easy way. Black Gesso + Wax are already very beautiful!   Impasto Paint in the background adds contrast and effect. A touch of Mica Powder adds radiance!

I hope I could inspire you to use our recipe to make a beautiful thing!

Prima Products:

  • 963958  Art Alchemy-Metallique Wax-Vintage Gold
  • 962494  Art Ingredients - Mica Powder - Blue
  • 961626 Art Ingredients - Glass Glitter - Sterling
  • 962760  Brush Set of 7 964597 Art Alchemy - Impasto Paint - Aubergine
  • 964320 Art Alchemy - Antique Brilliance - Amethyst Magic
  • 964344 Art Alchemy - Antique Brilliance - Lucky Emerald
  • 961459 Art Basics - Heavy Gesso - Black
  • 963385 Mechanicals - Mini Knobs
  • 963286 Mechanicals - Heart Locket Pendants
  • 960346 Mechanicals Washers #1
  • 960254 Mechanicals Mini Numbers
  • 960230 Mechanicals Mini Roman Numerals
  • 960353  Mechanicals Washers #2
  • 965945 Mechanicals - Flowers
  • 816070 Decor Mould - Renaissance I
  • 962890 Ephemera - Vintage Collectibles

j o i n   u s

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Come join us on Facebook Live today for a special episode of Mixed media Minutes with Finnabair herself! Here's the link:


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