Back to School Bundles!

Its back to school time and what better way to start the new school year than with a planner to keep you organized. 

back to school 1000x1000.png

We are offering two back to school bundles to fit different styles at a great deal!


Bundle #1 consist of:

A5 Planner (also known as half letter size) includes one year worth of non-dated inserts

Midnight Bloom Planner kit 596392 (note cards, stickers, ephemera, journaling cards, paperclips, and crystals)

Individual piece washi roll 631444

Pencil Pouch 595296

Binder Clips 592141

Month stickers 591373

Tassels 593889 & 593346

This bundle is for anyone who loves to plan and wants to have a more organized schedule. This is a ring-bound planner you are able to add and remove pages from. With the assortment of items in this bundle, it will allow for a full set up get you started in your planner plus making the planner stylish with the accesory as well.  

1000x1000 bundle2.png

Bundle #2 consist of:

Standard Travelers Journal 592592 (includes 2 blank notebooks inside)

Undated Monthly Insert 592707

Undated Weekly Insert 592714

Undated Daily Insert 592691

Alpha Stickers 592738

Charm tassel 593315

Individual stickder washi roll 631413

Clear card/pocket zipper pouch 593445

bundle 2c.png

This bundle is for anyone who loves a journal and wants to combine it as a planner. This bundle will get you all set up and ready to get organized as well as document all those moments you want to journal about. 

To take advantage of these bundles head over to our shop section! Sales is limited time!