Making Art In Your PTJ!

Art Journaling, Scrapbooking, Traveler's Journals. These are all beautiful crafts on their own. But mix them together and what do you get? A super creative, super fun project! Come see with Miranda as she art journals with a bit of memory keeping in her Prima Traveler's Journal!

miranda art journal 8.jpg

I absolutely am in love with these Prima Traveler's Journals. I love the size, and everything about them. I create art journal type pages, but like them more geared toward keeping memories. All around those flowers on the left page I have my journaling, It's intentionally small. It's just personal thoughts. Everything represents what I was trying to convey. And whats best is I recorded the entire video for you! I hope you like it and are encouraged to try these bad boys out! IDK why I waited so long! Hugs ~ Miranda

miranda art journal 2.jpg
miranda art journal 4.jpg

miranda art journal 6.jpg

I just love watching Miranda she shares so many really useful tips! Have you tried journaling in one of our PTJs yet? It is seriously FUN! With four elastic bands you can still keep your life organized with our monthly, weekly, and daily calendars + have a little fun too with a watercolor or mixed-media insert.


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