Make your own vertical or horizontal weekly inserts quickly and easily with a choice of four templates designed to fit each sized My Prima Planner Travelers Journal - Standard, Personal Faux Leather, Personal Leather and Passport. Perfect to use with My Prima Planner Planner Kits and planner stickers, bullet journaling and EC style sticker kits.

Standard - Sophie #596569

Personal Faux Leather - Vintage Floral #

Personal Leather - Ice Blue #630317

Passport - Minty Dreams #599706



The templates are designed to be used with the My Prima Planner stamp set “These Days” (#599997) but you can also use planner date cover stickers or if you like Bullet Journaling you can design your own days and date look.



To Download please click on the following tabs for the corresponding template you would like to download. 






What you’ll need:

  1. Acrylic Stamp Block.
  2. Ink pad. I used Prima Color Philosophy Chat Noir #58945 but if you want a permanent ink I’d suggest using Prima Philosophy Chat Noir (all black packaging) #596781
  3. My Prima Planner ‘These Days’ Stamp Set #599997
  4. Insert that fits your Travelers Notebook.

To learn more about My Prima Planner Travelers Journals and different types of inserts check out this post:

   5. Pen. I used My Prima Planner Pen ‘Golden Heart’ #596330

   6. The template that matches your Travelers Notebook size. 

You can make vertical or horizontal boxes for your weekly planning with the templates. I like to change them out each week by alternating between horizontal boxes one week and the next week vertical boxes. I have really enjoyed the variety it gives to my weekly planning.

How to use the template:

  1. Print out the template from the link. Glue onto cardstock and cut out.
  2. Get your fave My Prima Planner Personal Insert that fits the Faux Leather line. Open to the page you want to use.
  3. Each template, both vertical and horizontal, is designed to fit over 4 pages to have enough boxes for 1 week plus a spare box. Each page has 2 boxes on it. With a total of 8 boxes to make up one week. See photos for more details.  Please note that the Passport has vertical which is designed over 4 pages and horizontal which is designed for 1 box per day. 
  4. Place the spacer on the bottom of your page (this is designed so you can fit washi tape up to 1.5cm wide in the space it leaves). Place a daily box on top of spacer and trace around box avoiding the “x” with your fave pen. The “x” part is for you to stamp in later. Move template over and repeat. Keep repeating until you have filled 4 pages with 8 boxes.
  5. Stamp in the blank parts with “These Days” stamp set. See the picture of the stamp set so you use the right stamps for either the vertical or horizontal layout you’ve chosen.
  6. Fill out your week and have fun planning.

Below are some finished weekly spreads that will hopefully give you some inspiration to make your own weekly inserts with the free templates. 

Here is the sample of the vertical sample.

Here is a sample of the horizontal boxes using the Dream On Planner kit (#596408).

Here is another sample of the horizontal layout using the Enchanted Planner Kit (#596415).

We hope you have been inspired and will use these templates to help you get a perfect layout in your traveler's. Don’t forget to tag Wendy on Instagram @prettymintplanner using #prettymintplanner. journal. 


Wendy & Addy