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"Hello! It’s Riikka here today sharing a layout plus a video with you. I love to document the life of my two daughters. Usually it’s me choosing the things I record in my pages and kind of document them through my point of view. But, this time, it was my older daughter who sparked the page with a memory of her own!" ~ Riikka


We were visiting a Finnish candy factory and she ate quite a few of these Moomin licorice while in there. I thought she just liked the taste of them, which was partly true, but she also remembered that one time when she was little, about three years or a bit more, daddy had such a licorice with him while he picked her up from day care. My husband didn’t even remember the occasion, but it had imprinted in her memory! Naturally it was a thing that needed documenting!


As the tips I shared last time seemed to be popular, I thought to add them to the post again. There’s also a video showing how I created the page. I hope you like it! Thank you for stopping by today!

t i p s


Tip 1:  Don’t look for the perfect photo! Naturally some topics and things need the best possible photo, but for example in this page the point is the story, not the photo. I used a Instax camera to capture a moment and used the shot even though my daughter has half closed eyes in it. It’s about the story, the memory, the atmosphere.


Tip 2: Snip in two. If you are a frugal scrapper, cutting embellishments in two or more parts might be page turner. By cutting some stickers and flowers for example in half, you double the embellishments you have! Naturally this depends on the composition, too.


Tip 3: Add ephemera. If your layout is about a product, place or something similar, think about adding something from that place. Scrapping a day at the beach? Add a sea shell! Scrapping about favorite restaurant? Add a calling card or add! Little things might make the page more personal and document a piece of history as well.


Tip 4: One medium, multiple uses. As I show in the video, you can use watercolors in stamping. Explore your mediums and think outside of the box what you can do with them. The more techniques you have in your repertoire, the easier it is to create a page, even with a few supplies!

v i d e o

What every day memories are you jotting down? Sometimes these are the ones that end up meaning the most on our scrapbooking journey. Once your kids grow up, and that will happen so quickly, these little daily tidbits are that much more precious. These are the pages that my children especially love seeing! These are the pages that jog my memory and bring me back to the days when they were still little!


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