Metallique Paints

If you are looking for stunning colors, a bit of exquisite shimmer, and beautiful coverage, then slide on over to our Metallique Acrylic Paint selection by Finnabair! Try pairing two or three colors for great rhythm and harmony on your projects! Today our crew is exploring Metallique paints, sharing a few tips for using them, and basically just showing off those gorgeous, gorgeous shades!


Plum Preserves, Frozen Berries, Royal Blue, and Red Wine....those are just a few of the colors Ola added to her musical piece! This is truly a showstopper and needed to be painted with really good paint, providing great coverage, but also stepping it up a notch with bold, rich colors and a shimmering finish! Ola truly knocked this altered project out of the park!


nadya metallique paints.jpg

Lime Peek, Mermaid Teal, Crocus Field, and Vintage Rose are the shades Nadya chose for her gogrgeus piece! "Hello, everyone! Metallique paints are gorgeous products by Prima Marketing! They are multi-functional. You can use them just like acrylic paint, or dilute with water and apply like sprays, or make a watercolor effect with even more water. By the way, they have a wide palette and yummy colors. I made a canvas using diluted metallic paints on my background, then applied them directly to my dimensional elements. Also I cut some embellishments from the Havana collection. I would like to made something bright, so this collection fits perfectly." ~Nadya Drozdova

nadya metallique 3.jpg
nadya metallique 2.jpg

Magical Pond, Metallique Blue, and Midnight Sky are a few of the stunning blues Nathalie chose for her beautiful piece! "The Metallique Paints are just amazing!!! I love using them for pure mixed-media projects, but here I want to show you different ways to use them, as there are a lot of possibilities with these paints!"~ Nathalie

nathalie metal6.png

"There are so many amazing colors that you can find all that your creativity needs for any kind of project!! I love using them with a watercolor brush pen, for adding colors on my projects. I dip my watercolor brush pen directly into the Metallique Paint; then I press it on top of my project to let the water come out with the paint. I love the effect!! And the colors are powerful! I mixed different shades of blue: Deep Water, Magical Ponds, and Midnight Sky for this project. All three go perfectly with the new Santorini collection!"

"I also painted the back of the bulb “Adventure”. I love painting transparent objects with the paints for amazing results!"

nathalie metal4.png
nathalie metal 2.png


Now how fun was that? These gals are so talented, but they also used fabulous products that helped make their projects turn out so well. Are these paints not the most beautiful things ever? Do you have a favorite color?

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