Mixing Lines Beautifully!

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Happy Thursday! We’re kicking off our TUTORIAL DAY with this STUNNING piece by Nathalie! She effortlessly mixes lines together to create a show stopper layout! Along with lots of photos, Nathalie has assembled a how-to video just for YOU!!!

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“Have you ever tried mixing different collections ??  I love doing this !!! Prima’s collections are so beautiful. I love mixing old ones with some new flowers and embellishments. “ ~ Nathalie

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Here I used the 12x12 Salvage District-Galerie d' Orleans paper for my background, then played with some beautiful Santorini and Flirty Fleur flowers.

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You can see Nathalie’s BEAUTIFUL creative process here : https://youtu.be/09r9Bg4rTqo

Gorgeous! Nathalie’s combination of patterns and colors is so inspiring! If you have ever mixed our lines together please share them with us! We would love to see your creations!

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