Mister X

“The art of art, the glory of expression, and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.”

~Walt Whitman

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IT’S THURSDAY!!! That means we have a gorgeous, step-by-step tutorial, complete with a video, for you! Ever wonder how our designers create those luscious, mixed-media backdrops filled with color, texture, and raised designs? Well, look no further as Riikka shows you how!


Mister X

If I were an artist, I guess this would be my “tea-colored phase”. I adore the color of tea and old books and have been, lately, really drawn to it. I work with different colors, too, but whenever in doubt at the moment, I turn to tea and old paper. ~ Riikka

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I guess it’s not such a surprise then that I also have found myself looking at vintage pictures more often than before. Because what would go better with the “times gone by” styled color palette than vintage photos? Luckily I order most of my photos in black and white anyway so they fit the pages I’m making, too. But to this layout I took another approach. I treated it more like a journal page and made up a story to the man in the picture. For the story and text I used a short paragraph cut from an old book.

riikka nov 15 collage.jpg

v i d e o

To compliment the vintage theme of the page I used soft tones, but added some purple in as well. I played with the water soluble oil pastels and used them in different ways around my page. If you want to see how, please see the video! Video link: https://youtu.be/YCfHLEDUbBw

t i p t i m e

As before, I also gathered some tips. I hope you like the page and find the tips useful! Thank you for stopping by today!


 Tip 1. Extended family. Don’t have any photos to scrapbook? Use a vintage photo instead! Build a story around it or just use it to depict your topic and story. You can find beautiful photos in jumble sales or flea markets but Prima also has them in Finnabair line.

Tip 2. Know your tools. Usually there’s more than one way to use a medium or a tool. Test what you have and try to think new ways to use them. I used the water soluble oil pastels in this page to add color to the background, to splash, to stamp and to color my texture paste!


Tip 3. Letters everywhere! All out of alpha stickers and don’t like your handwriting? Don’t worry, you can find letters and texts everywhere! Cut your own, rummage a magazine or an add for titles and text. Also think outside of the box and look for letters in different items like these beads.


Tip 4. Let the project lead you. I happened to open a brand new jar of gesso while making the page. Inside the lid was a beautiful cream colored cardboard circle. I didn’t throw it away but instead incorporated it in my page. Let the project lead you and use what’s at hand!

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Let’s be more INTENTIONAL for taking time to let creativity flow! Finnabair has opened a virtual “Art Daily Cafe”, where you can stop by for a quick artistic bite, or sit down for a longer spell and satisfy your hungry creative soul! Come join us! Find out more details right here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/art.daily.cafe/

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