Introducing: Art Daily!


What is Art Daily?

Let’s have Finnabair explain her amazing new line and why we all NEED it in our creative lives!

Do you often feel your day is full of to-do lists, multi-tasking, and all these important things we have to focus on? Do you remember to stop from time to time and re-charge? I know I don't! Life can be fast-paced, frustrating, and overwhelming, but I've learned one important thing: there is always time and place to create art - you just find your way to do it. These may be longer, planned sessions or just short moments caught between your everyday tasks, but they’re all like a deep breath for your soul.

It is not about creating masterpieces or competing with others, but it is a conscious act of self care, releasing creative energy and giving yourself permission to play, listen to your inner voice, to inspire and be inspired – the possibilities are endless! Photos, accidental art, little notes, sketches, or full size projects, they’re all small steps in the right direction - to get back to your creative self. ~ Finnabair

Creative Self Care


It is much more than a diary or a journal, it’s your creative playground, but also a selection of tools to get you going. We are handing you prompts to get you started and motivated - so you can play, experiment, and spread your wings. They’re a starting point, but don’t let them limit you! There are no set rules how to practice Art Daily either - you don’t need tons of art supplies. Here the act of creating is more important than the results.

We want this book to be both a practical tool and an inspiring journal for you to grow creatively, to remember your creative needs and really practice art - one small step a day. With “Art Daily” you will discover your potential without any pressure, competition, and with total freedom of expression. But, this is not all. We’re waiting for you online with plenty of encouragement, inspiration, and love. Will you join us on this art daily journey?


art daily products

art daily journal

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The Art Daily Journal is your starting point! (7”x9” with four elastic bands, one art insert + one card set (56 cards) is included in the starter set. SKU #964771)



Monthly or blank creative booklet inserts are undated and include mixed-media paper. (SKUs #964962 Creation, #964986 Monthly, #964955 Plastic Insert)

Sentiments Stickers Pads


Sentiment Sticker Pads include 12-16 sticker sheets per book in a variety of themes and designs: Vintage Photobooth (#964832), Sentiments (#964849), and Words You Need (#964948).

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vintage photo booth.jpg

cling stamp sets


Dream Without Fear (#964931) and Carte Postale (#964900) Cling Stamp Sets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs perfect for art journaling.

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Epoxy Paperclips, Rusty Metal Clips, Victorian Bookmarks, Victorian Face, and Hand Clips will hold your pages in true Finnabair style. (#964818, #964825, #964863, #964917, #964924)

decorative tape


Gorgeous Decorative Tape Sets are available in every color, width, and design you love, creating a seamless design flow in your Art Daily Journal! (SKUs #964788, #964795, #964801)

art daily inspiration



This amazing new line is shipping November 1st to retailers! Let your local store know you NEED this to get your creative daily fix! And check out Finnabair’s blog and social media for more product and project photos!

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