Washi Tape Ideas

Washi tapes have been every planner addict's go-to item for embellishing journal spreads. It comes in all different sizes and designs that go with any personal style a crafter prefers. I became obsessed with them when I got my very first set of vintage-styled sets and discovered how multi-funcitonal they can be. From decorative accents to reinforcing edges, there are so many uses for this pretty little crafting tool. 


I have also been using them as accents to my paintings as well and it makes the perfect addition.


A little introduction as to how I started using washi tapes as such: I started my crafting journey with calligraphy and watercolor. I was addicted to Prima Watercolor Confections when I discovered My Prima Planner Travel Journals, so instead of the regular watercolor sketchbooks out there, I used my travel journals to document my painting journey, and my growing intrigue over planners and travel journals led me to acquire (truth: HOARD) more crafting tools than I anticipated. And, yes, washi tapes were on the top of my list. Who knew such dainty little accents could make artworks look even more ethereal?


I am currently in a butterfly-frenzy as you can see with the pieces that I created. 

I simply trim out the edges of the washi tape, focusing on a single butterfly and lay them along my paintings. I also cut out small, random circular shapes from my washi tapes to add subtle effects. 

What I love most about the washi tape collections from Prima is that they work well together no matter what collection you use. I love how cohesive they still look even if I mix and match them. 

If you’re planning to try incorporating washi tapes into your very own artworks, don’t overthink what you’re doing, just enjoy the experiment! 


(Girl with pink hair)

 Inked Maps PTJ Decorative Tape - 599996

PTJ Vintage Black and White Decorative Tape - 630560

Misty Rose Decorative Tape - 631000

Misty Rose 6x6 Paper Pad - 630973

Misty Rose Flowers - 634667

Misty Rose Ephemera Sticker 2 - 631024

Misty Rose Flowers - 634582

Watercolor Confections: Complexion - 631857

Watercolor Confections: Tropicals - 584269

(Girl with blue hair)

Watercolor Confections: Pastel Dreams - 590253

Watercolor Confections: Classics - 584252

PTJ Vintage Blush Decorative Tape - 630577

PTJ Craft and White Decorative Tape - 630553

PTJ Vintage Black and White Decorative Tape - 630560


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