Thursday Tutorial

Come watch Riikka mix Prima’s Love Story and Amelia Rose papers and a sprinkling of art mediums on her goal-oriented layout. Plus do not miss her video documenting her creative process on this fun page!

“Hello there! Oh boy I’m so happy to be here! It’s just an honor to belong to the Prima team and I just couldn’t believe I would make it to yet another term. So grateful!

This page sprung out of the inspiration of being accepted to the team. As last term fulfilled many of my dreams and wishes, I thought to think of new ones. New dreams, now goals to strive to. You can see the title in here, but the actual wishes and journaling are at the back of the page. And partly they are so faint, so delicate that they are just lingering in the back of my head.” ~ Riikka

“I recorded a video while working on the page, so you can see my process. Like always, I started with mixed media touches and then added paper layers, the photo, and finally the embellishments. I also listed some tips underneath, maybe they could work as a jumping off point to you? Thank you for your visit today! I hope I have inspired you! “

t i p s

Tip 1. Oldies, but goodies. When I started making layouts about ten years ago, Dymo writers were the thing. I bought myself one and used it for several pages and cards but, somehow, along the years I forgot about it. But, what a handy tool it is! So, go through your stash, and see if you also have this kind of treasure!

Tip 2. Over and out. Stamping is a good way to “blend” an edge whether it is two papers, a paint layer, or something else. By stamping along and over the edge, you are hiding the edge and making the transition from one surface to the other more smooth.  

Tip 3. Fear of the dark. Don’t be afraid of black. In small amounts it might be just the thing the page needs! At the very least I try to add something black and something white to all my projects. Just think what to pair the black with and how much to use it.

Tip 4. No noose is a good noose. A simple line across the page might be a real page turner. You can draw or paint one, but using twine is a really easy way to add a linear element to a page. It creates a visual effect but can also remind of a gift, a washing line, or a banner – depending how you treat it and what you add on top.

v i d e o

riikka tut thursday 5.jpg

How fun! I always learn something new while watching Riikka create! And I love how she revisited her goals once things changed unexpectedly! Let us know which tip you found the most interesting!

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