Magical Wonderland Planner Meet Up

What better way to start off December than with a Planner Meet Up!


My Prima Planner hosted a Magical Wonderland Planner Meet Up on December 1, 2017 in Temecula, CA where planner addicts from all of California gathered and shared their love for planners. 


A Planner Meet Up allows you to be around many other planner girls who have the same passion and love towards their planner and love creating beautiful things. This is a perfect way too make many more friends with the same interests and to find inspiration and to inspire others.

"We are like a SNOWFLAKE, all different in our own beautiful way."

These planner girls loved spending time with each other, sharing all their planners and their accessories and making memories with each other.

Every corner screamed Christmas!

Our guest were able to enjoy our snacks bar as well as refreshments through the day. 

We enjoyed our evening with a home made catering dinner by Pots and Pans, wine, hot chocolate and coffee. 

We ended our night with fun games, to include our washi candy cane game, gift exchange and fun music. 

Thank you to all of the shops who donated to our swag bags and event!

We hope all you ladies had a magical time and that you all join us at our next planner meet up. 


My Prima Planner